The Riancho name has been synonymous with the steel industry for over a century and a half...

A family journey that began in a wholly owned steel foundry in Old San Juan during the 1800’s, has evolved through 5 generations of family oversight into the current positioning of Indusa as the preeminent source for solutions for process and fluid management equipment.

Indusa sources and facilitates the procurement of high-end, critical-service, and process needs of the most demanding clients in the region. Not just the best materials, but optimal solutions, are actively managed though the critical supply chain to ensure that the right product is on hand at the right time for every customer.

manhole cover with family name brand dark-grey steel

Through the years, many facets of businesses changed, but as it relates to Indusa and its principals, one constant remains: hyper-focus on the customer and their ever-evolving requirements, a culture of ensuring that clients’ needs are met with the best and highest quality solutions in tandem with the most reputable manufacturers in their field, supported via the establishment of relationships based on credibility and trust.

Market forces require modifying plans and efforts through the years, but principles, trustworthiness, and morals are indelible elements of the Riancho family heritage in the industrial supply distribution experience. More than a sourcing entity, Indusa and its team members become and remain valuable partners in the efforts of their customers, a unique trait that underscores Indusa’s continued success in the industry.

“Principles, trustworthiness, and morals are indelible elements of the Riancho family heritage.”

Ramón E. Riancho | President & CEO
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Rest of the Story:

Indusa is a thriving international enterprise that excels at providing all fluid management solutions. Headquartered in Puerto Rico since 1990, the company manages the particular needs of mining, refinery, construction, chemical, pharmaceutical and government segments within the Puerto Rico, Caribbean and Latin American markets.

Indusa is supported by numerous experts, servicing the different markets, including professional engineers, mechanical, instrumentation, chemical engineers and technicians, field-experienced sales representatives and a home-based team of knowledgeable and dedicated people whose skills are unparalleled within the industry.

Riancho and Co family name on an old manhole cover rusty steel

Indusa operates out of three strategical locations in Puerto Rico, United States and a regional hub in Santiago, Chile and offices in other Latin American countries. These facilities handle our inventory materials, including grooved end fittings and valves, carbon and Stainless steel pipes, fittings up to 24'' and other related products.

Within these operational sites, Indusa also provides customized fabrication, grooving, threading, flaring and other ancillary services for its clients.

Indusa's unique position as a premiere regional provider of integrated fluid management solutions has served to engage resources as well as the products manufactured by their principals in order to support clients in many diverse markets and industries in countries such as Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Panama, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados and the Dominican Republic, among others.

We at Indusa are committed to becoming our client's ally and source of solutions for all fluid management needs. Moreover, we boast a select team of industry professionals and the support of over 100 of the most highly recognized and trusted manufacturers in the world.

Indusa counts on the historical experience of many business owners within the steel and industrial supply business. We continue accomplishing our goals through a philosophy of growth management, impeccable quality of service and by establishing relationships based on credibility and trust.